Welcome to the Grand View Palace, a resort-style condominium with spectacular views, expansive amenities, and a desirable location. A brief history of this property helps explain how it is possible to offer such impressive product at below market pricing.  Grand View Palace (formerly known as the Flamingo) was originally designed to be Florida’s first Casino Resort Hotel. Construction of the magnificent 25 story, eleven acre resort was completed in 1987, however the plans for a casino were dashed when the South Florida gambling bill did not pass. The construction costs for the project’s extravagant design including floor to ceiling windows throughout and expansive amenities were contemplated for a casino hotel, and could not be supported by condominium sales or apartment rental income.

First Equitable Realty III purchased Grand View Palace in 1995 from the bank which funded the building’s construction. We were fortunate to acquire this property for less than the original construction cost. Since 1995, First Equitable has operated this property as an apartment building while systematically upgrading the facilities including the addition of retail spaces, landscaping, a fitness center, a restaurant, new lobby, fountains, hallway treatments and more. We are now proud to present condominiums in this spectacular property at below market pricing. You will be impressed by the views and amenities, and will be hard pressed to find a better deal in South Florida!


Grand View Palace Sales Center - 7601 E Treasure Drive - 17th Floor - Open 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Monday to Saturday